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QC-630 bttery chargerBatterie Ni-MH Chargeur,Ni-MH batterioplader,Pengisi daya baterai Ni-MH, PSE charger

Model No: QC-630

For 1~4 pcs AA/AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery


* Input: AC 100~240V  50-60Hz
* Output: DC 1.5V
* Charging current : 2000mA Max


* Individually monitored charging channels for charging rechargeable batteries
* Charge different brands and capacity rechargeable batteries at the same time
* Channel temperature control and voltage monitor for safe charging
* Smart 12 bits Microprocessor to increase rechargeable battery lifespan
* Detect by -ΔV, 0ΔV charging curve for fully charge
* Overtime, overload, overheat protection
* Dual color LED indicators
* Non-rechargeable battery detection
* Automatic trickle charge after full charge